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  • Huizhou mainstay electronic is a professional engaged in welding equipment research and development、Production and sales of technology-based technology enterprises。My company set up over the years,Constantly introduce and absorb advanced technology at home and abroad,The research and development4A series of dozens of products,With advanced production equipment and perfect detection means。Products advanced technology、Good performance、The structure is reasonable、Modelling is novel、Quality qualification,Sold well all over the country and southeast Asia。

Efficient production efficiency,Let you worry

  • 2015In huizhou mainstay electronics to install new integrated production assembly line,Form a strict quality inspection system,Investment in advanced research and development of testing equipment,To improve the existing production technology,Deep mining capacity,Maximize the efficiency of production,At the same time to increase the production last inspection,To ensure that product quality is qualified。

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  • For the specialty is engaged in the welding equipment8We of the year,Our products adopt inverter technology of maturity,The main components adopt imported,Efficient、Energy saving,High quality products,Don't let the customer spend a penny on the artificially high price!

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  • My company's products sold in China all through the country3CCompulsory certification,Quality assurance for a year,Lifelong maintenance,The national entity after-sales network of group。Consumers can through our company's website、WeChat public number and customer service hotline to contact us,We have a specialized technical team to serve you。So consumers can rest assured the choose and buy and use we have pre-sale and after-sale service of high quality welding machine。

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Thank you very much for elite company

Thank you very much for elite company

Your company in the electronic products and our many years of cooperation,Reflects the professional dedication、Pragmatic、Good efficient style of work,Your company with me...

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Thanks to the elite company

Thanks to the elite company

Your company in the electronic products and our many years of cooperation,Reflects the professional dedication、Pragmatic、Good efficient style of work,Your company with me...

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Huizhou mainstay electronic co., LTD., founded in2010Years,Research and development、Production、Sales of inverter welding machine、Welding equipment。Elite hange product variety is complete,Cover the manual electric arc welding machine、Pulse argon arc welding machine、Digital pulseMIGWelding machine、Welding and cutting automation......Welcome to consultation hotline:0752-3326299[To check the details]

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Power generation electric welding machine without power out what to do?
Check whether ac voltage generator welder flywheel excitation coil16-18V;Check the ac voltage rectifier16VConvert the dc voltage18VIf there is something wrong,Check the carbon brush dc voltage again(50HZ)9VThe above,60HZCarbon brush dc voltage is9-6V,And then check the carbon brush、The electric ball...
Power generation electric welding machine can't spot welding to do?
Check power generation electric welding machine plus or minus two large line is burn out,Is there a dc output,Check whether the electric ball break。...
Power generation electric welding machine to install?
The installation of power generation electric welding machine1、Check the power cord、The second line、Ground wire insulation skin without damage,Joint,Into the passport intact。2、No more than a line length3M,Don't more than secondary line length30M。3、Check the welding machine、Clamp holder、Insulated handle...

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