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City on the day of the arrival of the goods,Raw material reserves,Daily output up to thousands of

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    Power savings,Rich experience
    Save strength and experience

    Jianyang letter jie wood industry co., LTD is committed to providing customers with packaging consulting evaluation、Packaging design and proofing、Packaging testing、Packaging products、Warehousing logistics、The packaging and packaging circulation management, etc“A站式”Packaging the whole solution。 The company covers an area of16000Square meters,The construction area8000Square meters,The registered capital200Ten thousand yuan,The existing staff50More than one。

    Quality win,High cost performance
    High cost performance ratio

    For many years like one day stand in the perspective of the customer,From the product price、Quality、The service and so on various dimensions to provide customers with excellent quality and reasonable price products,Compared with the same price better quality。

    Fast delivery,Never delay
    Quick delivery

    Production and sales integration,Complete specifications,Complete the task within the prescribed time, high quality;Have professional production equipment,Perfect placement,Can accept customer orders for mass customization。

    From beginning to end,Attentively service
    Attentive service

    Huge technical and customer service team,To provide for you24Hours online service,Network docking;Professional after-sales personnel,All the corresponding in a timely manner;Industry personnel free door-to-door guidance in a timely manner,Solve the technical problems in the process of construction。

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Jianyang letter jie wood industry co., LTD

Jianyang jie wood industry co., ltd. is a letter(Hereinafter referred to as:Believe the wood industry)Is China's professional wooden tray production manufacturers,Company's main business:Wooden pallets、Wooden boxes、Fumigation-free pallet、Exit tray、Fumigation pallets、Second-hand pallets, etc,Chengdu is a production of wooden packaging and one of the strength of the wood pallet manufacturers,Company research and development of wooden pallets of advanced manufacturing technology,Has the abundant strength and richness。Into the letter:Jianyang jie wood industry co., LTD. Was established in letter2014Years8Month8Day,Enterprises located in industrial park jianyang jia family,Chengdu longquan industrial park15Kilometers。The company covers an area of16000Square meters,The construction area…

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